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What a Week!

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

It's been a wild and fun ride around here this week! Even with bitterly cold temperatures below zero us Bolands have remained busy.

Sunday Jack and Tom both had flag football games and there were both close matchups. I don't think I give Jack enough credit for his quarter back sills. Some of the passes he was snapping - could not have been more accurate or timely! As for Tom, he played some QB but nothing compares to when his speed kicks in and he snatches the pass out of the air and darts the length of the field to score a touchdown. The field's location might be one of the most windy spots in all of St. Louis, but these games and the smiles our boys display during flag football makes bundling up totally worth it. The hot chocolate and portable heater made things more comfortable. Spectators Sam and Ray didn't complain about the cold once.

Monday kicked off Catholic Schools week. This basically means very little learning and lots of laugher and play time in celebration of the opportunity to attend a virtuous-filled school. (I'm telling you a full day of class is rare in this day and age!) Monday's out of uniform theme was pajamas. Tuesday was all about school spirit - lots of green and gold. This was also the day of the school spelling bee. Jack and Rachel were both contestants and did an excellent job. (Must be all the reading.) Rachel was in the top ten and Jack took home the first place medal! We are so proud of him. It was such a cool victory and moment to witness. We celebrated with Vietnamese food after dad got off work that night.

School spelling bee champ!

Back to the craziness ... Wednesday all grades got to go on field trips to jump zones, bowling alleys and other fun spots around town. But first, and for the first time, Sammers read at mass aloud in front of the entire primary school from the podium on the alter. We had been practicing his prayer at home and he did a great job. It was so precious being able to watch him and make eye contact from the pews. He's so sincere and such a sweetheart. (I know I'm biased.) Thursday...Thursday was my personal favorite: Dress like your parent day. Typically on these dress down days the kids are running about our house asking for help to find accessories and cool accents for their outfits. Thursday it was as if all four kiddos knew exactly what to do - and maybe even a little too well. Jack, Rachel, Tom and Sam all nailed their parent ensembles! Pictures are below. They all totally made my morning. Thank goodness for their sweet sense of humor. It really helps me pause and appreciate little moments each day.

It's now Friday and as we prepare for another nonstop sports weekend we'll also be helping Ray and Matt get ready for their annual father-daughter dance and adding some finishing touches to the nursery. It's coming along nicely thanks to help from so many like Laurie, my mom, Matt and even neighbors and friends here and there. More to come on that soon. I'm headed back up to school for family lunch and the talent show. Life is good.

Jack as preggo mom with her ski hat, big belly, Goodr glasses and Orange Theory sweat towel.

Ray rocking the pre-preggers mom looks with a low bun, vest and black leggings hiding behind sunglasses managing the mobile calendar.

Tom mocking dad's post work out behavior complete with a sweat towel and TaTa t-shirt.

Last but not littlest for long, Sammers is doctor ready with his notes, pen and beard!

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