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Sweet Quarantine... Ba Ba Ba

Even with much of the world on hold right now, there are so many updates I want to share. It probably makes sense to do a few different posts on these topics. The thing is, I recently added elementary and middle school educator to my resume, so my responsibilities have increased and my time to segment content has of course declined.

Let's start there. Quarantine! Weeks ago Matt and I were chatting about COVID-19 together. Matt has seen a lot. He hasn't seen it all, but it's rare something comes along that gets his attention in a striking way in the medical world. Enter Caronavirus. Early in our talk, Matt said, "In two weeks, people won't be going to restaurants." I wasn't so sure. We explained his prediction to friends at dinner shortly after - they too couldn't believe this would be the case. Here we are. Matt is working more than he's ever worked in his life: At the bedside, on the computer, daily meetings, PPE discussions, patient updates, calls on changes with policy and proceedings. He's also living behind plastic tarps in our basement between shifts at the hospital - as this is when exposure to the virus is unavoidable and self quarantine is necessary. (I shared a slice of this environment on Instagram a few weeks ago after getting lots of questions about our plans.) We miss him all day and we are so thankful to everyone staying home. His health depends on it! As does my mom's health. Her team of nurses at work is getting pulled in numerous directions to cover COVID needs. The fact is, scary updates are ineluctable right now.

E-learning! The kids haven't left the house in over a month. I've gone to the grocery store a few times and driven by my grandmother's nursing home for an Easter parade. School is in full swing under our own roof until summer. Each one of our kiddos has their home work zone - which I think has been a key to our home schooling success. (If you can call it successful?) We start each day with a couple chores and gather for a prayer at 9 am. I will say, we are spending our time on core subjects, not specialties. We're going outside and we're having frequent meetings to review our progress. Our big kids are pretty self- sufficient, a true blessing. Our sweet first grader, Sammers, is testing, of course, but carrying his weight in school decently. My goal this week is for us to read a little more and hit the math facts hard.

Boland Bliss! With Matt being in and out nonstop, Blake being on the verge of walking, and all kids home ... you could say my hands are full. Before social distancing, we were kicking butt at more than a dozen sports schedules at once! We were so winded and I personally was relieved when spring break turned into a staycation. Nowadays I am trying to kick butt in an entirely new way. It's terrifying. I'm so worried about Matt. Our evening conversations leave me nauseous. He breaks down the numbers, the risks, the symptoms, projections. Uhg. It's heavy. This weight aside, I've never felt more in the know about our kiddos' schoolwork. So many times a day, I witness my big kids be the most loving and fun big siblings to their little sister, Blake Renée. They help one another with e-learning. We're having more dessert. One very epic game of RISK went on for what felt like weeks! Our Marvel movie marathon with the four bigs is a huge hit. Baking is a weekly affair. Fort building is back from the 90s and I'm in full support. Blake loves crawling inside her sibs' creations. Quarantine has us locked up, but we are still making each day count. In fact, I've never been more confident saying that. It's a pretty cool feeling. Minus the fear of the virus and the additional anxiety I feel for Matt, we're doing ok so far, and I'm grateful. Thank you to everyone who is praying for Matt and our family. Please keep going! It's working and we have to keep him safe. Our kids need their Dad.

Photo disclaimers:

We all need haircuts, besides Blake. (We're working on a Pebbles Flintstone pony.)

Matt is now beardless in order for his N95 mask to fit properly. Take a look!

I have not worn makeup since February and it's AWESOME.

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Donna Yandell
Donna Yandell
Jan 19, 2021

Molly, here it is January 18th, 2021, and I came across this entry that you made 9 months ago. It is a treasure for me to find again! Oh, how I time-traveled all over again to have a few moments being with all of you! Your words are magical, Molly. Maybe you are a born writer but somehow I think this talent is your soul simply speaking, singing, laughing, sighing. You are so wonderful to share yourself in this way. You open a door for me that I cannot physically reach at this time. My heart is filled to overflow with gratitude and joy just seeing these photos showing so clearly the love, the happiness that is happening i…


Donna Yandell
Donna Yandell
Apr 15, 2020

Molly, your way with words is so powerful that I can easily imagine myself there, seeing firsthand the life force of God's Love expressing in laughter and squealing, in running and kissing, in a tumble here and a misunderstanding there, and hugs and holding of hands as God's Love conquers all. You and Matt are heroes to me because I know each of you entrusts God with the wholeness of yourselves and the wholeness of your family. There is such beauty, such fulfillment in witnessing the life you are able to share using words. It is certain that your words are gifts of God's Love for all creation for your words come from God's Holy Spirit within you and rea…

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