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Hey! I'm Molly. 

Forget everything you've worked toward for more than a decade. Leave it behind and love these five people.

Lot's of people blog when they drop everything and travel. Or, perhaps they started a new business. Some people blog about sports, or their favorite fashion trends and TV shows. I started writing to keep my old life alive in my new one. Now, what do I mean by that? At 26, I was loving my corporate marketing communications gig, living alone in my adorable one-bedroom and catching planes to the mountains regularly to hit the slopes with friends. My life took a crazy turn when I started dating my now husband, a widower and father of four. I put my career and my MBA on hold to place Matt, Jack, Rachel, Tom and Sam at the forefront of my world. 

Today, as a full time wife and mom, I'm writing about my new life - keeping an original passion still ever so present. Everything changed quickly, but it's definitely still a time of transition. There are so many new experiences that come with the choices I've made in the past two years. This blog is a collection of them.

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