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Dear Baby B,

It's the night before induction night. Girl, did you ever keep us guessing the past few weeks. Dad thought you'd come on Feb. 27. Mom hoped you'd come early. We suppose you're just very cozy inside mommy's belly. Or, perhaps you're scared of the craziness that is Boland Bliss. Maybe you're waiting on warmer weather here in St. Louis. No matter what, we are at our limit! We want to meet our baby girl and doc says it's time. You're big enough, strong enough, past due and after a preclampsia false alarm, some dilation, contractions and one very cranky momma ... tomorrow the hospital team will start the exiting process for you!

This week has been full of family dinners discussing baby changes and baby excitement. Your big sister Ray had the most aggressive basketball game of her season. Sammers made a leprechaun trap for school. Tom jumped for joy at the chance to wear shorts and play outside because we finally saw the sun after almost a month. Your oldest brother Jack competed in the district spelling bee! Dad has been off work and has also been so patient with your mom. That's me. Very pregnant, very excited, very emotional Mommy Molls.

I can't wait to see what you look like. I can't wait to see what incredible qualities you gain from your daddy and siblings. Spring is around the corner and we can take walks together! Mommy has so many loving friends who can't wait to hold you. Your grandparents are beside themselves they are so excited to welcome you into the world. You have many aunts and uncles who have been texting to check on your arrival all week, each day. We're planning your baptism and selecting your Godparents. Your siblings have been talking to you for months now. Dad has been shouting at you to come out. You are already so loved.

We'll get you acclimated to this craziness quickly, we promise. You are being born into the coolest family on the planet. One so packed with love and joy and a unique story, for sure. There's nothing on earth like it. We'll explain it to you over time. When I found them - Dad, Jack, Ray, Tom and Sam... I hit the jackpot. I won the lottery. I didn't know life could be quite so wonderful. I know you'll feel the same. And something tells me your arrival will give me these same feels all over again. I'll miss your squirms in my belly but I'm looking forward to trading them for snuggles, pool time, hair bows and smiles. God bless you, baby B.

Love always,

Your mommy

(Written before bed on Saturday, March 9th, your due date. Induction appointment afternoon of March 10th. You decided to show up on your own in the middle of the night between due date and exit appointment.Go figure.)

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1 Comment

Donna Yandell
Donna Yandell
Jul 30, 2019

These are the most wonderful, get to be there, too, stories, Molly, and I appreciate you for so many reasons including for sharing in this way. Blake is beautiful. Her face is the perfect blend of your face and Matt's face. She has chosen a most wonderful family in which to live, grow, and love.

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