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New Plan!

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Ready or not, the course of my writing has to take a new turn. While I was soaking in feeling settled into married life and adjusting to parenting four sweet littles ... God was apparently giggling. Matt and I are expecting a little girl in early March! It's been more hectic than usual around here so I have not written in ages.

My hands are in the air as I have to let go and let life take our family in whatever direction despite just finding my groove. My grand vision for this blog was to keep my writing voice sharp in the form of reflection over the many choices that come with this new life of mine. (Hopefully it's fair to still call it new.) I really wanted to expand on marrying a windower, blended families and becoming a parent to four kiddos more or less overnight. It's intense territory that doesn't get thought through very often.

Suddenly, it's easy to relate to families with one child who are abut to welcome number two. These folks might feel sad that it will never be "just the three of them" anymore. Unsettled feelings are ever present for me as well. Did we have enough time, just the six of us? Did I master important parenting basics that will stick even while newborn insomnia takes charge? How will I focus on each child individually? I don't want it to feel like there's ever a separation between current kiddos and kiddos still coming. I don't want our first four Boland children to feel any less loved.

What's bizarre: When I quit my job just five months into dating Matt to focus on him and our kids, I never once thought, "My life is never going to be the same." Here I am 33 weeks pregnant and that very statement won't stop reeling through my head.

It's all great news, honestly! Jack, Rachel, Tom and Sam are so excited about baby B number five. Thank goodness! We weren't sure how they'd react but our dearest friends around us were right. The kids absolutely love that our family is expanding.

We are blessed with a home full of helpers and walls that are bursting at the seems with love.

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