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Old Frustrations New Flavors

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

On any given weekend we have a minimum of five sporting events. Most of the time I face the schedule alone while Matt is on service. Luckily, this weekend, I had my partner in crime by my side and did not have to impose on any of my generous friends to help drive my children around. Seriously, they are some of the greatest people I've ever met. As our Saturday got rolling, even while working together, Matt and I failed to nail the day. All three bigs at some point in the day were missing key elements of their uniform or other equipment needs.

Now, we have a system at home! Goods out the night before for all sporting events, commitments and activities ahead. Mom (or Molls depending on who is speaking) and Dad verify all the equipment to ensure smooth transitions on sports days and prepared Boland kiddos. Our system is not strong enough. It has loop holes, apparently, because not everything made it to the car. We came down on the three bigs, hard. Too hard, I think.

Matt and I know we have high expectations. I know I am a strict parent. In the frustration of this day, that is so much like so many other Saturdays in our family, I should have reminded myself more intensely that my children are human. Despite the fact that we try to build responsibility and independence constantly in our little ones, they are just that: little. They will forget. And we could have reviewed these mistakes with more love. Softer. Individually perhaps.

These events, among other tense ones in the day had me feeling so low. I did not feel like a good parent. I feared I created set backs when it came to the trust and faith my children and I have built together by discussing things calmly when facing hiccups. During my eight-year-old son's second flag football game at the park, I offered to shoot hoops with my daughter at half time. Harboring unsettling feelings since Matt and I came down on her earlier for a number of things, I desired so badly to nurture our connection with some one on one time. Literally.

As we drilled I decided my normal approach after a tough day of early to bed with no dessert was just not a good idea. Instead, I wanted to splurge on a family dinner out together. I told Ray and Matt, and after the football game I told all three of our boys, "We need to turn this day around with quality time." Together we made a long list of restaurants and chose our destination. When the wait was too long, we killed time across the street at one of Matt and I's favorite grown up spots. We had so much fun. To my surprise, the kids tried new things at both restaurants - which Matt and I encourage them to do nonstop. It's not been easy but we hit the jackpot when Jack, Tom and Sam all loved seared tuna with avacado! Everyone loved the non-traditional macNcheese, calzone and carrot cake. Didn't see any of that coming! I love my Boland kiddos but they are picky eaters.

We totally turned the day around. Thank goodness! Thus: two desserts.

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