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Get Out of Jail Free - Molly

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

This is a little funny. I wrote this on April 5, 2016 on my phone in bed before falling asleep. Matt and I had been dating for one month and our quality time together had turned into sitting at his kitchen island on bar stools with cocktails after all four little ones were tucked into bed. I also have Matt's version of the story, which I'll also publish soon. Here we go. Mushy details and typos included:

I went to matts a little before 10:30 pm to deliver a chocolate basket for Rachel and early birthday gifts for him.... Jack had just won a baseball game and the kiddos went down for bed. I brought raising canes over and we split the guilty pleasure... The sauce of course.

We talked about my day, my girl friends... His day and I learned more about his work, the recent breathing machine training going on in his department and his style when it comes to codes... Because Suz (a best gal friend of mine) had been wondering. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for one of his work days. Nearly positive I'd be even more attracted to the incredible man I've been getting to know. ( April 16, 2018 OK. This is embarrassing.)

After an hour ish in the kitchen, Matt asked me to come sit with him in the family room and handed me my sunglasses case, which I'd left in his car the Saturday night before at the school auction. (Our public debut as I like to think of it.) Before I hit the couch I opened the case and inside was a Get Out of Jail Free card, yes from Monopoly.

I asked him what this was and said no one has ever given me a Monopoly card before. Matt went on to explain that there would be times he'd f*** up. Or, times we'd need to work through things, (because that's what two people who care for one another do.) but this chance card wasn't for that...he said he comes with craziness. He said he "had baggage that has baggage and that this is not every girl's dream. If there comes a time when it is too much, then you could tap out." My Get Out of Jail Free pass. "And we'll still be awesome and still care for one another. You'll be released, no questions asked."

It is the most thoughtful, creative, selfless, genius, romantic and twisted thing I've ever heard. Taking pressure off of me. Communicating our circumstances so openly and honestly. Yet... Selling himself short as if I may need some 'out' down the road. I wished him a happy birthday, kissed him goodnight and drove home. Lying in bed, I typed this very note after reflecting on one detail...What I didn't tell him ... this dream, of life with him, and his family... may not be every girl's, but, I think it might actually be mine.

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